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On PicPost you can simply post pics with a description that will be listed on our daily list. Every pic will be displayed on a separate page together with your banner, that you can post also, directly linked to your site. This will generate a lot of traffic for you. And the better your pics are, the more people will come to your site to see if you have some more of that great stuff. The pics and banners that you post must be somewhere on a webserver. If you don't have a server you maybe can use your homepage space on the server of your access provider, or a free hosting service. But keep in mind that not all access providers and free hosting services allow hotlinking (this is pulling the pic off their server from another location).

The description of your pic is also very important to you. The better your description, the more users will visit your posting, and thus see your banner ad as well. Shortly describe the pic, who is doing what, what's happening, and where ....


  • You must provide valid urls. Invalid urls will be ignored and won't be listed.

  • Your pics will be reviewed and, when approved, listed in a couple of days after your submission and you will start receiving great traffic. After the usual daily listing, your pic will be archived and people can still access it. So keep the pic and your banner alive on your site. When archived, your pic will still generate free hits for you.

  • The number of pics you may post is THREE PER DAY for each domain you have.

  • All material posted to this site will be reviewed. Postings containing childporn, pedophilia, beastiality, rape, real violence, blood or other immoral stuff will be removed immediately and reported to the appropriate authorities.

  • Advertisement text on your pics is not allowed. There's your banner for. Allowed is just the name of your site or the url and a copyright notice in small font.

  • It is NOT allowed to post a pic for a second time. If we discover this, all of you postings will be removed and you will be blacklisted. So you always have to post new pics.

  • Where's asked below to describe your pic, don't put an advertisement for your site here or any other advertising text. If you do, your posting will just be ignored and removed.

  • By submitting this form you declare that you own the copyrights of the concerning images and/or that you are licensed to display them from your site, and/or that you have the permission of the people on the images to make them public. You also give PicPost and the owners of hereby the unlimited right to freely use and display it on and other sites for unlimited time.

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